What is a Live Automated Webinar?


A common question we get here at StealthSeminar is, “what is a live automated webinar?” Is it live or is it pre-recorded? There are actually two answers to this question.

One answer is that a live automated webinar can be presented live and recorded using our software, so it can be used multiple times. The other answer is that it’s a webinar that is loaded into our automated webinar software that appears to your audience as if it is live, even though it’s pre-recorded.

Confused? Don’t be. We’re breaking things down even further below.

Live Automated Webinar – Performed Live


When you log into our software, you have the option to create a webinar, and present it live to your registered audience at a predetermined date and time chosen by you. We integrate with YouTube Live and Ustream.tv, and both platforms allow you to record your webinar while you present it.

You will promote your webinar to your audience, and give them a unique link that they can sign up to attend the live event. In the days and weeks leading up to the webinar, you can send your audience a series of reminder emails to show up. Then, when it’s time, you’ll go live, share your amazing presentation, and while you’re delivering your brilliance to the audience, your webinar will be recorded.

After the event ends, you can take that recording and send a link to the replay to your current audience of people that registered for the event, but may have missed it. Or you can share it again “live” with a completely new audience.

Live Automated Webinar – Pre-recorded

Let’s say you have a pre-recorded webinar created with YouTube or Ustream.tv, or one that you’ve recorded in some other way. As long as the webinar recording is in a standard video formats such as MP4, FLV, MOV, etc., you can load it into StealthSeminar and present it to your audience as if it were live.

The way it works is similar to that of a presentation you actually perform live. Again, you will send a unique link to people who want to register for your event. They will select a date and time from a list of options you create, and they will show up to your webinar at the time they choose to watch your presentation.

They can engage with your presentation in real time, adding comments as the video plays. Then, after it ends, just like with one performed live, you can send a replay link or some other follow up correspondence.


Now, you might be thinking – but isn’t that lying or unethical to make it seem like a presentation is performed live when in fact it is pre-recorded?

We believe it is up to you to decide your company’s own ethics. With that said, you don’t want to use phrases like “we’re live” when in fact you’re presenting a pre-recorded webinar. Because yes, that would be lying.

With our software you can make your webinar appear as live as you want it to. But, if you’re more comfortable being completely transparent, you can simply explain to your audience that it’s a pre-recorded presentation that they are viewing.

The truth is that pre-recorded webinars are becoming more popular for both companies and audiences because of the availability it provides to both parties. Audiences can choose dates and times they want to view presentations, which gives them more freedom based on their own schedules. Presenters on the other hand, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to use one solid video with webinar recording software over and over again.

Pre-recorded Doesn’t Have to Mean You Don’t Engage With Your Audience

When your only option is to present a webinar live, it puts a lot of pressure on you. You have to perfect your presentation ahead of time, lock in a time and date, and everything has to be working perfectly while you present. On top of everything else, you’ll need to address comments as they come in.

The trouble is so much can go wrong while you’re actually live. Technology can fail, attendees might not be able to show up. You could get sick and be unable to deliver your optimal performance. Answering questions could derail your presentation. The list goes on and on.

However, when you deliver a pre-recorded webinar to your audience as if it was live, your audience gets the best of both worlds. They can view a polished presentation, and still engage with the content by adding questions and comments in real time while it plays.

What about questions that come up during your presentation? How do you address them?


While you might not be able to address questions live while your webinar is playing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t answer them at all. After your audience has viewed your presentation, you can then follow up with them personally addressing any questions, comments, or concerns they may have mentioned during the viewing. Not only does this help you build a better relationship directly with your potential customer, it can give you insights you might not have had if they couldn’t have attended your live webinar during a designated date and time.

As time goes on, you’ll also get to know the common questions your audience is going to ask, and you can create a new pre-recorded webinar addressing those very issues. Taking this simple step gives you another easy opportunity to show off your expertise, and will let your audience know you genuinely care about their questions and concerns.

Using a Live Automated Webinar Opens Your Company Up to New Possibilities

When you deliver pre-recorded content, you can offer several dates and times to your audience to view it. In fact, you can run them as frequently as you desire. Our starter plan allows for unlimited events each month with 150 attendees per event. And, you can upload as many as 100 unique pre-recorded webinars with the starter plan!

Picture this – you set up times for every 15 minutes, even late at night for your webinar to be accessed. You set up some hyper targeted ads on Facebook that direct potential customers to your registration page. You also have landing pages and auto responder emails in place so if anyone registers and/or watches the webinar they can buy whatever you’re pitching at the end and have it delivered instantly.

Then, you go to bed knowing everything can run on autopilot. The next morning, you wake up to dozens of people buying your products or services because while you were sleeping, they registered for and attended your live automated webinar. How amazing would that be for your business?

Suddenly you have a way to make money without even needing to be there. Can you imagine the possibilities that can open up for you if you can generate income regularly with one stellar webinar, or several of them? Knowing you have money coming in can give you the freedom and flexibility to hire a team, create new products and services, expand your current offerings, and so much more.

Is a Live Automated Webinar Right For You?

We believe live automated webinars can work for every industry. Our clients have seen amazing results using our software. However, we know the proof is in the proverbial pudding. We’re betting that soon after you start using it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t implement it into your sales funnel sooner! Learn more about growing your business with our webinar recording software here.

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