Save Time and Book More Calls with Our Preferred Scheduling Tool!

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Many of our StealthSeminar clients drive their webinar attendees to book phone calls. Often these are called Strategy Sessions. To do this, many use scheduling software. We have been using one that we really like. In this article, I’m going to share why I love it, how to use it, and how you can use it to book more strategy sessions.

CozyCal is an automated scheduling tool that helps marketers and entrepreneurs convert more visitors into actionable leads. It is easy to set up on a website, allowing visitors to book strategy sessions by selecting the date(s) and time(s) that are convenient for them.

What is CozyCal?

CozyCal is a web tool that helps automate the scheduling process. Here are some of my favorite things about CozyCal:

  • Allows guests to either select preferred or auto-assigned team members for meetings
  • Converts up to 50 percent more visitors into appointment
  • Customizable booking pages to enhance your branding
  • Manages services and maximizes bookings
  • Team members set their own schedules
  • Easy to understand and use

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of CozyCal is the look of the calendar. It is really simple, small (cozy) and non-intimidating. I love it!

How CozyCal Works

CozyCal offers a simple-to-understand dashboard that streamlines the scheduling process. It allows you to manage availability with flexibility, create intake forms to collect information from your visitors, customize automatic email notifications, quickly view scheduled sessions on your calendar, keep track of client contacts, and even accept payments.

How to Use CozyCal

  1. Create a Custom Booking Page. The first step is to create a booking page. This can be done in minutes. This is essentially the page that your visitors will see when they click the button or link to schedule a meeting.Your custom booking page can be set up with your information or a team member’s as well as your branding. CozyCal also has time zone detection, so if a client in another time zone books a meeting, it will automatically be converted to your specific time zone.Not only does this help streamline the scheduling process, it also enhances the user experience, making setting an appointment with you fast and easy.
  2. Share Your Custom Calendar Link. Once you have added your custom calendar link to your website, you can easily share it with your team, your existing clients, via social media or even in a call-to-action during a webinar. It’s also a good idea to have a team member test your link as if they were a prospect to ensure the scheduling process is quick and painless.
  3. Integrate Seamlessly with Your Tools. CozyCal has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and WordPress. Again, this helps to streamline your scheduling experience and help you capture leads more effectively.

If you’re ready to book more events, increase conversions, and save time and stress, then sign up for a free CozyCal account here.

More Bookings!

Emailing back and forth to schedule and reschedule appointments is inefficient. Furthermore, it can also cost you potential bookings with prospects who are looking for instant scheduling options.

I’m seeing higher conversion rates by using CozyCal than what I have seen with other tools I have used. Personally, I believe this is due to the simple look of the calendar design; it’s what I would call “frictionless.” The prospects make an appointment easily and swiftly without any unnecessary keystrokes.

Who is CozyCal Best For?

Scheduling is about more than simply making appointments and strategy sessions, especially for marketers or entrepreneurs who host webinars. For example, webinar hosts or presenters can easily add their custom Cozy Cal link in the call-to-action during a webinar. Webinar attendees can easily click the link and be taken to the host’s calendar to automatically book a strategy session.

CozyCal makes it easier to make an excellent first impression by allowing your website visitors to be in control of scheduling their own appointments. This encourages their trust in your company and saves you time!

If you’re ready to begin converting more leads into loyal clients, then sign up for a free account with CozyCal right now.

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Custom Code for StealthSeminar Users

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