How To Create a Webinar Landing Page [+ Examples]

How To Create a Webinar Landing Page [+Examples]

In recent posts, we’ve discussed what a webinar is, how to plan and create a webinar funnel, and we even shared how to get our proven webinar templates. In this post, we’re discussing what might be the most important piece of your webinar funnel – your webinar landing page. That may seem like a bold statement, but keep reading, and it will make perfect sense. 

A typical webinar funnel looks like this:

Webinar landing page →  Webinar thank you page →  Webinar event page → Call to Action (CTA page)

Webinar landing pages are the first and most important piece of any webinar funnel. Why is this webinar page so critical? Simply put, they are what determines whether or not your visitors will sign up for your webinar. If they aren’t compelled by the webinar landing page design and copy, they’ll never make it to the end of the funnel. That means you might not make money from their visit!

Webinar Landing Page Tips

What makes for a good landing page? First, it needs to explain what someone who watches your webinar can expect. There should be no doubt as to the subject matter that will be covered. 

Your webinar landing page should explain the benefits of attending your webinar, it needs to be easy to read, and it shouldn’t be terribly long. If you have to spend multiple paragraphs explaining why someone would want to attend your webinar, you’ve already lost them. Take a look at these webinar landing page examples, and what they did right.

Webinar Landing Page Examples 

sam bell landing page


In this webinar landing page from Sam Bell, Founder of PPC Boutique, the host is telling you critical information that compels the visitor to sign up. 

  • It explains exactly when the webinar will be taking place
  • The host also shares the reasons attendees should watch the presentation
  • There is a countdown on the page creating a sense of urgency
  • Finally, there’s a clear space to sign up to attend
geoff ronning landing page


Our own webinar landing page is simple and to the point. We not only explain why you should attend, but we give our clients an opportunity to apply for a Hot Seat to get coached on how to improve webinar success.

We share when the training is being held, what the presentation is about, and include a simple sign-up form. Webinar landing pages don’t have to be complicated to convert. 

regina dawson landing page


Here’s another example of a simple webinar landing page from Regina Dawson. Here, the host uses an eye-catching headline. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make a career change? She also explains exactly what you’re going to learn in her presentation, and invites you to click to get instant access. The host also includes a warning that space is limited. This along with a countdown compels the viewer to sign up quickly so they won’t miss out. 

Finally, if someone tries to leave the webinar landing page a pop-up window appears, prompting visitors to consider registering one last time before leaving. These exit pop-ups are surprisingly powerful and we highly recommend including them on your webinar landing page to increase conversions.

Additional Webinar Page Tips

Like your webinar landing page, each webinar page in your funnel should be simple and easy to read. Don’t waste your audience’s time with a bunch of unnecessary text, multiple pictures, and confusing sign-up forms. Less is more in this case. 

Your pages should have plenty of white space so they are easy to read. Your font should be clear and large enough for the average reader to be able to see. Make the entire process a breeze for your audience. 

Pro tip: Go through your entire funnel on your own to ensure every page works. If you can, have some friends or colleagues go through it as well to give you feedback on each page. 

Don’t stress if it’s not perfect in the beginning. Remember, you can test and tweak until you get it right. Then, once you perfect your formula, you can keep using it over and over again to make money. In fact, you can use the system you create to generate additional webinars and money-making streams as well. Once you get started with webinar funnels, the possibilities are endless.  

We Make it Easy to Design Webinar Funnel Pages

There are several pieces you need for your funnel, but luckily, if you are a StealthSeminar customer, we give you everything you need to build your funnels quickly. Not only do we give you webinar landing page templates that are easy to customize, but we also give you templates for countdown pages, presentation pages and more. 

Our free, automated webinar school provides you with all the tools to develop a successful webinar that converts faster, making the process easier than you might think. We’ll even host all the pages for your webinar funnel. No coding, no hassle – just add your information, and effectively plug and play without the nuisance. Or if you would prefer to host your pages on your own website, you can do that too. Bottom line – with StealthSeminar in your corner, you’ll be well on your way to creating automated webinars that convert in no time.

It’s Time to Make More Money with Webinars

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