How to Add More Controls to Your Built In Mac Camera for Live and Recorded Webinars

Do you own a Mac computer? If so, this simple inexpensive software is a terrific addition to your tool stack. iGlasses helps you be more professional on lives streams as well as on automated webinars you record.

iGlasses allows you to crop your camera view, change colors, or put a filter on your camera while live streaming or recording a webinar. Best of all, it’s very easy to set up.

My favorite aspect of the tool is cropping the camera image to fit how I would like it. If you have a messy desk and don’t want that to be shown then it is just a few clicks away from being gone.

Have a background that is messy? Crop the shot, keep the mess out of it and it’s done!

Changing the color can also be valuable. If a video is being made and needs more distinction between two objects, then you have the option to turn up the contrast.

Additional cool features are the dozens of filters. The filters could be used for a more relaxed video stream with a family member or when you are wanting to mess around. Some of the filters range from pinch, zebra, false color and many more. I would say my favorite is alien head.

iGlasses is best for people who make videos and webinars that want to have more control over things from cropping to colors.

iGlasses is a necessity for me when I’m doing live streams or recording videos. If you like the ability to add much more control to your webcam, it has my highest recommendation.