Streams Live to iPad/iPhone/iPod

Our automated webinars can be attended by all 350,000,000 iOS users and stream "Live", the exact same experience as any computer user.

Only Automated Hybrid Webinar System on the Planet

Think of an autopilot in airplanes. The autopilot takes you the majority of the way, then the pilot takes over to end. Same here. The event starts out automated, then you take over at the end to answer questions, etc.

Simulcast in HD and Standard Resolutions

Our automated webinars simulcast in both HD and Standard. Your users can switch between them based on their own computer speed and power.

EZ LIVE Webinar Online Broadcaster

We are the only webinar system in the world to offer BOTH automated AND live. Your users will never know if you are live or recorded because it could literally be either!

Hangouts On Air Integration for Your Live Webinars

Use Google's Hangouts on Air with all the Functions of StealthSeminar to deliver successful and profitable webinars live.

Optional: Auto Segmenting with Your AR

You can purchase a plugin for Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc. that will automatically track attendees and feed them into follow up sequences depending on whether they joined your event, how far they made it, etc.

Chat Log Review System

Approve/delete/ban comments from live webinars and replays.

Ban User Control Panel

Ban user from chat without them knowing (no one will see what they write).

Bullet-Proof System

We offer a bullet-proof system that is perfect for the paranoid. Your attendees will swear your events are live.

Ultimate Business Automation

Just upload your events, set the schedule and generate income.

Automate Your Webinars

You can upload your webinar, set it for a one time event or reoccurring. It runs automatically.

Automate Your Teleseminars

If you have an audio MP3 teleseminar file, you can convert it to a webinar format to use on our system.

Unlimited Visual Calls to Action

Set up multiple visual calls to fire at the time chosen. These can be shopping cart links, interactive content, etc.

Multiple Visual Call to Action Location Control

You can set the visual call to actions to fire around your webinar play back or on top of your webinar playback. If they are full screen, they still see your CTAs.

Use Your Preferred Autoresponder

Don't stress about email delivery rates. We don't deliver any email so you don't have to worry about our servers being blacklisted. Just insert your preferred autoresponder into our system.

Profitable Stats

You have built in stats to know when you are losing people so you make adjustments accordingly to maximize your success.

Split Test for More Profitability

You can split test entire events, videos, offers, etc. Always be using the most profitable event possible.

Never Miss a Sale

With our Prime Insertion Point, you determine when to drop in a late arriver to your running event. Never again will someone come to your event so late they won't convert.

Auto Replay Pages

Want to offer a leisure replay as a final step? We've got 'em. You need do nothing. Set them up and let your attendees view them.

Tested Templates

We have templates for your event and registration pages. Fill in the blanks and you are ready to go.

3rd Party Meeting Site

Your event can be viewed on our facade meeting site. No back links or connection to StealthSeminar.

User Simulator

Do you want to crank up the social proof? Our User Simulator makes all your events look packed to the rafters.

Trusted Proven System

Many of the biggest marketing experts on the planet use StealthSeminar. It is a proven system that you can trust to deliver automated profits.

Rapid Customer Support

Got a question? Run into a challenge? We have outstanding customer support. See our average ticket response time at the top of this page under the login button.

Worldwide Time Zone Support

That makes it easy for all our worldwide users to automate their business.

No HTML, No Install, No Kidding

Login, set your profit streams and let us handle all the back end. You will be using our service immediately. Get all software updates automatically.

Automated Delay Reset

You don't want to look like a liar do you? We have an automated reset time. This keeps people from immediately coming back to your event and seeing it counting down again.

No Long Term Commitments

No long term contracts. You can cancel your account at anytime.

Double Guarantee

You don't risk anything. You are fully protected by our Double Guarantee.

Revolutionary Chat Replay

Your events grow organically as your chat comments are added to each subsequent playing of your automated webinar.