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Comparing StealthSeminar to Evergreen Business System (EBS)?

These are 8 biggest reasons clients tell us they choose StealthSeminar instead of Evergreen Business System (EBS).

  1. StealthSeminar streams recorded content on our live server farm. EBS does not stream so if someone goes away, visits FaceBook, YouTube and comes back, EBS goes back in time and starts at a fixed point each time - revealing it is a video. StealthSeminar streams the same way UStream, etc. does. So if someone is gone for 5 minutes, when they come back the webinar is 5 minutes in the future. If they are gone for 10 minutes the webinar is 10 minutes in the future. Just like a real webinar.
  2. *** We work flawlessly on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. EBS does not. On EBS it is obvious it is a video. You can start, stop, fast forward and rewind. You can see the comparison here to EBS:
  3. *** NOTE: These devices are approx 20% of the traffic online now so to not get this right, is massively costly for most people. Those users also on average spend 20% more than computers online (
  4. We have quality support times, you can see the average ticket response time on the front of stealthseminar up in the top right.
  5. StealthSeminar set up your events for you, free.
  6. StealthSeminar guarantee your events will run.
  7. StealthSeminar has no surprise costs. You pay one all inclusive fee to StealthSeminar. With EBS you pay your own video hosting fees each month.
  8. You can run Live Webinars free with our Built in StealthSeminar and Google's Hangouts On Air. Get live webinars that look exactly the same as your automated.
  9. StealthSeminar is the only webinar service on the planet that offers Hybrid Webinars. Think of an autopilot in airplanes. The autopilot takes you the majority of the way, then the pilot takes over to end. Same here. The event starts out automated, then you take over at the end to answer questions, etc.

How We Stack Up to Others

Automated Webinar Replay
Actual content streaming
(same technology as live)
Unlimited "Call to Action"/Delayed events
Built-in E-Z Webinar Video Encoder
# of Seats Display Control
Custom CSS to change any element of player page yourself Self-hosted version only
3rd Party Registration Site URL (no revelation of broadcasting URL) Rudimentary
Instant Preview for Webinar events
JIT (Just in Time Scheduling)
Free & easy built-in SMS Reminders
Built-in Google Analytics Event Tracking
Black-out Dates for Perpetual Webinars
Multiple Registration Page Templates
HD and Standard Simulcasting
Clock Synced with Server Time
Event "Clone" button
Split test of Registration Pages Partial
World-wide Time zone support
Split Testing of Webinar events Partial Partial
Redirect URL Option
Registration Page Masking
Replay Event Option
Automatic Self Destructing Replay Event Option
Multiple "Call to Action" Locations 4 1 1 1 1
Customizable Toolbar Buttons
International Language Support
Date Range Stats Control
Stealth Polls
Comprehensive Tracking - Can view stats for any day and any event in history
Email addresses of attendees shown on stats page
Q&A box supports multiple email recipients
IFRAME option on video player page (great for forms and interaction)
Dynamic variables on webinar and registration pages
3rd Party Meeting Site (no revelation of broadcasting URL) Rudimentary Not 100%
3rd Party Registration Site URL (no revelation of broadcasting URL) Rudimentary
Streams "Live" to iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
ADRT Automatic Delayed Reset Time
PIP - Prime Insertion Point
Augmented Reality Chat Room
Smart Webinar Management Attendee System
Seat Availability Simulator on Registration Page
Optional Plugin "Tracking & Sequence Profiteer" for segmenting and automated follow up of Webinar Attendees based on their behavior (For use with Aweber, Constantcontact, Infusionsoft, OfficeAutoPilot, GetResponse)
Guaranteed Capacity for Your Attendee Loads*
Knowledge Base
Support ticket system
Average support ticket response time Under 30 minutes
True Integration with Your Favorite Autoresponder
One all inclusive price
No worrying about Streaming, FTPing, hosting, webmastering. No extra unexpected fees.
Set Up Fee: $197.00
First 30 days included
First 30 days included
First 30 days included
First 7 days included
Monthly Cost: $69.95* $147.00 $199.00 $37.00 $0.00
You can deliver live webinars with the exact same experience as pre-recorded. Your attendees will never know if it is live or recorded because it could literally be either.  
Google's Live Hangouts On Air Integration  
Hybrid Webinars - Live after Automated Webinar  
Ban User Control Panel- Ban user from chat without them knowing (no one will see what they write)  
Unlimited On Demand Calls to Actions  
Convert Live Event to Automated Webinar  
Convert Scheduled Automated Webinar to Live Webinar  
Autoresponder/ CRM Integration  
Attendance Intensification Tools  
Chat Log Review System (Approve/delete/ban comments from live and replays)  
Emergency back up for Hybrid Live Events  
Email notification of attendees to Hybrid Webinars  

Top Questions about Automated Webinar Systems

* We are the only service in the industry that offers "Guaranteed Capacity for your Attendee Loads". We do that by allocating resources based on your membership needs. Our $69.95 membership allows you to run up to 100 webinars a month, with 150 attendees per webinar. We are the only provider in the industry that offers guaranteed services all the way up to 10,000 attendees per webinar.