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While wanting to automate webinars for my own businesses, I was shocked to find out that no service was available to do so. Being an automation guy, it seemed only natural to also automate webinars. If you have ever had to give the same presentations over and over again, you probably understand. Or, if you have ever wanted to maximize your profitability, then you probably like to save time and work efficiently. That is what I envisioned automated webinars could do for me.

At the time, I did not know there would be a long road of technical challenges ahead because it all seemed so simple to me. However, I eventually found a suitable partner who rose to the technical challenges and created an automated webinar system for my businesses.

As the market took notice, requests started coming in to use the system. He and I eventually partnered and launched StealthSeminar in March, 2010. It was an immediate hit. And still years later StealthSeminar is the world's most popular automated webinar system and currently saves businesses around the world millions of hours a year while it delivers content, generates leads and sales on autopilot. 


Geoff Ronning