The Most Imitated (But Never Equaled) Selling Tool in the World…

The Insider’s Secret Strategy
To Getting More Leads And Clients

Clients Who Use Stealth Seminar Have Generated Approximately
$1.08 billion* in Sales! Yes, over a billion dollars!

Forbes Magazine

Russell Ruffino built A Million Dollar A Month Business With Stealth Seminar

“Stealth Seminar has let me scale up my business to over a million dollars a month. Even more importantly, it has helped me teach hundreds of clients how to have their own 6 and 7 figure businesses. It’s simple to use – even for beginners – and no one can argue with the number of leads and clients generated.

No others automated webinar service comes with the consistency, stability or service of Stealth Seminar.”

Russell Ruffino – CEO Clients on Demand

“StealthSeminar is profitable and easy to use. One of the things we really like about it is it works with all our webinar attendees systems. It makes no difference if they attend the webinar with computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. the webinar runs right and converts.”

Loral Langemeier, Live Out Loud

The Top Performers of the Industry
All Agree

Stealth Seminar Delivers Results

“If you want to do Webinars that make Big $$$ – Geoff has the ‘in’ on
the business. In fact, he invented the Automated Webinar model with StealthSeminar.”

Kevin Nations

“We love StealthSeminar for our Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp grads because it gives them a way to put their Signature Talk on autopilot and make money while they sleep! It’s one of the most profitable tools we use in our business to drive qualified lead sand sales, especially because webinar attendees can now view our webinar trainings on their computer, tablet, iPhone, etc. That means we serve more people and make a bigger difference 24/7.”

Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion

  • If it’s finally time for you to take control of your own destiny with a business that literally
    runs on auto-pilot…
  • If it’s time to expand your business in a completely hands-off stress free fashion,
  • You’re going to really like what you read here.
  • Because you are about to discover a technique used by the top people in the business world that
    will help you…
  • Attract and convert more clients than you ever thought possible.
  • Engage your clients and have them get to know you.
  • Keep your cost per lead down extremely low.
  • You’ll have more leads in a few hours than most coaches have in a year.
  • And, you’ll smile knowing that the entire process is automated so you have time to celebrate with peace of mind.
  • You see the top coaches and marketing pros – those who command the most money, wealth, and respect – and the ones making the most difference in peoples’ lives do so because they use
    Stealth Seminar.
  • And since attracting clients is important to your business, I want to show you the easiest and fastest way to the top.
  • You see by using Stealth Seminar, you can make the transition from where you are right now in your career to becoming one of the most successful coaches, sales people, or trainers online.
  • The journey can be a lot easier and faster than you think.
In fact, when you start using Stealth Seminar, the old ways of attracting clients just fade into the background.

What Most People Discover
About Attracting Clients

  • Webinars have been proven time and again to be the most effective ways to get people to take action.
  • The biggest problem is not getting people to sign up for webinars – it’s getting them to SHOW UP.
  • It’s an open secret that the show up rate to webinars is from 20-33%.
  • It’s not that people don’t WANT to attend your webinar.
  • It’s that life gets in the way.
  • When they sign up they really mean to attend. But there are a million things on their mind.
  • Because it’s obvious. Your schedule is not their schedule.

Stealth Seminar – The Power Of A Live Webinar On Auto-Pilot

  • My name is Geoff Ronning. Years ago I conceived automated webinars.
  • Stealth Seminar took the world by storm. Right off the bat people were using my new technology to build businesses that were doing 7 figures – A MONTH!
  • Since that time, we’ve served millions of automated seminars and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.
  • And although we are often imitated, no one has come remotely close to our proven formula.

“300% return on my marketing.”

Frank Kern

The Power and Weakness of Social Media

  • Although people were using Stealth Seminar before Facebook became popular, many of our customers use Facebook ads to drive traffic to our Stealth Seminar registration page.
  • At the moment your prospects respond to your ad, they are feeling the pain of their problem.
  • But they exist in time zones around the world.
  • It’s not possible to do live webinars and reach all the people at a convenient time.
  • Just think about it – when it’s 8 PM is Los Angeles it could be 3 AM in London and the rest of Europe. You cannot count on them making it on to your live webinar.
  • But Stealth Seminar lets them schedule an automated webinar at their convenience.
  • And you’ve already captured their emails so you can send them reminders.

When Saving Money Costs You Money

  • From time to time I hear about new companies offering webinar services.
  • Most of them are gone within a few months. They have huge technology problems. They accidentally kick clients off the webinar. Clients can’t hear the presenters.
  • Even worse, I hear stories about presenters getting kicked off their own webinars.
  • And the height of embarrassment is when you have people on the webinar and the host can’t get back on.
  • If you’ve invested time and money to get clients on a webinar and the platform fails, are you really saving money by buying a bargain basement service?

“CRAZY. I just sold out my High End Coaching Club using StealthSeminar.”

Ben Cummings

How Stealth Seminar Generates Leads And Clients

  • When you bring your prospects to your Stealth Seminar registration page, your clients signup for your automated webinar. They can think it’s live or automated. You can also allow your registrants to come to their own conclusions. You neither say it’s live or automated, you let them decide.
  • Their name and email address are captured in your autoresponder service. We integrate with every major company.
  • My team will even do the work for you connecting Stealth Seminar to your autoresponder.
  • This way, you can send them reminders for the webinar they signed up for to insure their attendance.

Russ Ruffino’s

Webinar Case Study

Click here to download Case Study

Russ Ruffino’s Business Explodes to Over a Million Dollars a Month!

Russell Ruffino is one of today’s most successful online marketing gurus. His business successdepends on establishing trust – fast, and he knows the best way to connect with potential customers and get them excited to buy is via webinars.

But Russ wasn’t always the big success he is today. And back then, he had a problem. He had triedevery automated webinar solution out there and none of them worked for him. His business growth was sluggish at best. In particular he noticed:

1) Abysmal mobile traffic (51% of all traffic) conversion rates

2) Poor show up rates

3) Poor webinar stick rates

Then Russ Ruffino tried StealthSeminar.

He was amazed with the results. His business started to soar. He went from $15,000. a month to $200,000.00 dollars in 4 months. You know why? Because he discovered solutions to those big three problems! More on that in a moment, but first, check out this graph for where he is now per MONTH!

Comparing results with competing automated webinar software provider
Using a competetions Automated Webinar Software
Started using StealthSeminar Rose to 200K/month
(in 4 months time)
August 2017 $1,200,000/month and rising using StealthSeminar
Currently with stealthseminar: AUGUST 2017

Four Types of Webinars Add More To
Your Bottom Line

  • Only Stealth Seminar lets you run 4 types of events: live webinars, automated webinars, hybrid webinars or live chat webinars.
  • For live webinars we build our platform on top of YouTube Live. It’s a seamless connectionyourclients will find easy to use.
  • We aren’t the only ones doing this. But we are the only ones offering a stable platform forthis.
  • We are best known for our fully automated webinars. These run around the clock bringing youleads and clients.
  • And finally, we offer a hybrid webinar where the first part is automated, but you can come on live at the end for the pitch.
  • Or this hybrid option – start your webinar live, get everyone all excited, then go to video,then back live for the pitch.
  • Now other people use the term ‘hybrid’ right and left. But only Stealth brings you these true hybrid options.
  • The fourth webinar option is when it runs on autopilot but you run a live chat.
  • Remember, while you see this as an automated webinar making money for you around the clock, your clients can either be aware it’s automated, think it’s live or come to their own conclusion.
  • You can test and see which formula works best for you.

StealthSeminar is the Only Automated Webinar
That Does iPhones Right

  • Only StealthSeminar optimizes playback experience and conversion on iPhones. And with mobiletraffic outpacing desktop by ever increasing numbers – any other solution means you’re instantlylosing engagement with nearly 70% of your potential audience from the get-go.
  • Apple users are more profitable than any others online. These are the worst possible attendeesto give up.
  • All other webinar solutions on iPhone show the video length and include the fast forward button,effectively turning your awesome webinar into a typical YouTube video. That obviously kills yourconversions and leaves an incredible amount of money on the table.
  • Only Stealth Seminar plays on your iPhone as if it’s a live event. Your conversions go throughthe roof.

Get Paid or Get Sign Ups!

  • During the webinar, you can have a buy button appear or direct the clients to fill out of form for a strategy session.
  • The higher the price of your program, the more likely you’ll want to send them to a strategy session.
  • You’ll be happy to know Stealth Seminar works seamlessly with Wufoo and other online forms.

We Do All the Heavy Lifting For You!

  • Most of our clients are not technology wizards. Our award-winning customer service group will do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Want us to connect your webinar to your email service? Consider it done. No upcharge.
  • Want us to set up your automated webinars? Our pleasure. Again, no upcharge, it’s all included.
  • If you are holding back on launching your coaching career, technology should not be one of the reasons.

The Best Customer Service In The World

  • We pride ourselves as having the best customer service in the industry and no one else even comes close.
  • We go overboard on support like no one else does.
  • In fact, the word on the streets is that people come to Stealth Seminar for our flawless product but they STAY because of our support.
  • We don’t just hold your hand; we’ll do anything needed to help you succeed








YouTube Live

Google Hangouts

Initial Cost $97 $497/yr $497/yr $97 & $297 $497/yr $45-$235 N/A Free Free
Monthly Cost $69.95 N/A N/A $97 & $297 N/A $45-$235 $89-$429 per month Free Free
Automated Webinar Functionality
Run unlimited automated webinars.
Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes
Live Webinar Functionality
We integrate with YouTube Live or
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid Automated Webinar System
StealthSeminar invented the Hybrid. The Hybrid is a combination of an automated and live webinar. No other system offers that. Others claim to do so but in reality you need to start the webinar and play a video. Hardly a way to leverage time with more manual effort.
Yes Yes
Automated with Live Chat Webinars
Your webinar runs automated and you or staff run a live chat
Yes Yes
To Save You Money Price includes Streaming Fees
No surprising costs at the end of the month.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Includes Fees to Set Up Webinar
It's easy, fast and free to to have us set up your events.
No Long Term Contract Required
Go month to month with us and cancel at anytime.
Yes Yes
SMS Reminders included
Maximize your attendee rates.
Professionally Encodes your Files
Want your attendees to convert? Then give them the best file for the purpose.
Creates Multiple File Types
Because not all systems and internet speeds are the same.
Includes Bandwidth Detection
Without this you are guessing at what webinar file they should get.
Yes Yes Yes
Free webinar school
Being the longest running automated webinar software we know more than anyone about automated webinars.
All in one file hosting
You can host webinar files as well as all related files such as images, workbooks, etc.
To Maximize Conversions Satisfies iPhone Attendees
All other automated webinar services show webinar is not live, length of video. StealthSeminar is the only one that delivers as live.
Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prime Insertion Point
Drop in late attendees at highest conversion point in presentation.
Just in Time Scheduling
Another StealthSeminar discovery that delivers up to 80% attendee rates.
Yes Limited Limited Limited
Webinar URL Distraction Free
Webinar pages exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Yes Yes Yes
Attendee Help is Distraction Free
Webinar Attendees help materials exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Unlimited File Sharing during Live Webinar
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Unlimited File Sharing during Automated Webinar
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Unlimited Timing / Scarcity Tools Live
To boost your conversations
Unlimited Timing / Scarcity Tools Automated
To boost your conversations
Instant Redirect
Send your webinar attendees anywhere you desire when your webinar ends.
Smart Attendee Tools
Major benefits including if you are offering a webinar multiple times a day, it does not reveal that it is not a live webinar. Your attendee cannot register for the same one multiple times each day.
Yes Yes
Attendance Proof Tools
Social proof rules.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Survey and Polls Live
Interact live with your attendees.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Survey and Polls Automated
Interact with your attendees with preconvieved outcomes.
Yes Yes Yes
Q&A box
No chat. Webinar attendees can submit question via Q and A box that sends questions to email (s) you desire.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ban User (you can ban users from live chat)
Eliminate trouble attendee from your live chat.
Yes Yes Yes
Automated Replays
Catch those extra sales with this.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Chat
You control what is said, who says it and at what time it happens in the webinar. No live chat comments are seen by anyone so there is no undermining your presentation such as "this sucks," etc.
Yes Yes Yes
To Customize Your Events Registration Events
You can create events that require registration so you collect contact data you desire.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Events
You can create public events people can attend with no registration data provided.
Yes Yes
Register Attendees on Your Site URL
Register attendees on your website.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Registration Page Editor
Use your own custom registration page.
Yes Yes
Beautiful High Converting Registration Pages
Continually added fresh pages make conversions soar.
Yes Yes
Easy wordpress integration
Add webinar registration form to your website's sidebar or even as a part of post or page.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leadpage /Clickfunnels/ Unbounce /OptimizePress/
Use any custom or 3rd party designs you desire.
Yes Yes Yes
Thank You for Registering Page
We supply all the pages you need to run webinars.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional: Thank You Page on Your Site URL
Fully customize your thank you page and place it on your website.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinar Countdown Page
We supply all the pages you need to run webinars.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinar Room Page
We supply all the pages you need to run webinars.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinar Replay Room Page
We supply all the pages you need to run webinars.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customize Design of Waiting Room Page
Use css to change design of waiting room page.
Yes Yes
Automated Close down of Registration Page (Optional)
To give that life like appearance.
Present Webinar on Your Site URL
Use your site or our faux meeting site.
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Call to Action Graphics
Use any of own image for call to actions you desire.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call to Action Graphics
We have an array of attractive call to action graphics to generate sales or appointments.
Flexible interaction tool placement
You can decide whether your positioning is beside at top, bottom or under webinar video.
Customized Faux Attendee Lists
Want to show all female attendees? All males? All from one geographic area? Done.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call to Action Right Placement
Control how your event looks and where your call to action appears.
Call to Action Below Webinar Window
Control how your event looks and where your call to action appears.
Call to Action Over Webinar Window
Control how your event looks and where your call to action appears.
Registration page split test
Use the most profitable registration page for you.
Yes Limited to two Yes
To Measure and Increase Webinar Page Split Test
Use the most profitable webinar for your business.
Yes Yes
Webinar attendee stats
See who is on so you can maximize your attendees as well as non-attendees.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinar click count stats
See who clicked where so you can follow up to generate even more.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinar dollar stats
See how many dollars you sold.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration with all Autoresponders
Easy to drop your registrants straight into your own AutoResponder.
Yes Yes

Our Double Guarantee!

Guarantee Number One:

  • After our registration fee of $97, you can use Stealth Seminar for 30 days completely on us. You won’t be charged until day 30. From that point on it’s just $69.95 a month.
  • Yes you can make a pile of money before laying out a single monthly payment for Stealth Seminar.
  • Take it for a spin. Let us hook everything up for you.
  • Go get some clients. Prove it works to yourself.
  • Experience our customer service first hand.
  • You will be impressed.

Guarantee Number Two:

  • StealthSeminar will do everything we promise here. If ANYTHING doesn’t function correctly, we will double the guarantee period to 60 days and still give you back your money.
  • We have that kind of faith in our product.

Just Say Maybe!

You have no contracts. You are not locked in to us. Go ahead and launch your first webinar.You’ll be
astounded by the power and the simplicity of Stealth Seminar.

All it takes is a maybe and we know it will become a solid yes.

Your Own Automated Webinars

  • Sign up for Stealth Seminar today and you can have your own automated webinar up within the week.
  • You’ll be building your list, getting optins, and generating clients.
  • And the best part is, you’ll be doing it at our risk for 30 days because if you aren’t delighted, we don’t want you to pay for it.

The Royal Treatment Starts Now!

  • You’re going to notice something unusual about Stealth Seminar when you sign up. My team is going to call you to help you get started.
  • Yes, that’s correct. We’re going to pick up the phone and move heaven and earth to help you get your first webinars up and running.
  • No one else does business the way we do. And no one else has customers for life like we do either!
Get started right now


Because we are so committed to your success, we’re going overboard on bonuses to help you rocket to
a great start:


First we’re going to give you a full training in creating and delivering webinars. Our
Successinar Training (value $397) will have you creating and delivering successful
webinars at lightning speed.


Second we’re going to give you Templates, Graphics and Slides for your Google,
PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. If you want to be taken as a professional, don’t
use the canned templates everyone else uses. Set yourself apart with these, which are
reserved for Stealth Seminar users. These have a $197 value.


Third: many of our members use bonuses as a way of getting people to opt-in, show up for
a webinar, or stay on until past the close. This Ecover generator will produce
professional looking graphics in just minutes. It’s a $49 value but it’s yours free.


Fourth: Many of our members record their webinars in Camtasia or ScreenFlow. We’ve
prepared a comprehensive training in exactly how to do this. We give you the training
the software publishers SHOULD have given you. It’s worth $97 and countless hours of
frustrations saved.


Fifth: One of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal is your email service. In fact,
as you know, we’ll connect StealthSeminar to your email service for you. But we’re going
to go one better. Let us give you professional email templates to make your emails look
their best. This is a $297 value.


Sixth: We know you want to be up and running and making money as soon as possible. So
start your engines. Put your car in drive. Our Power Class will have you up and running
right away. This is a $147 value.


Seventh: The Ultimate Connection – Our White Glove Service. Our team will create your
events for you – absolutely free. And we’re there for you via our ticket system,
Twitter, or Facebook, seven days a week. When you’re ready – we’re there for you. Value


Eighth: The most important part of the process is getting people to sign up for Stealth.
You need to test and see what template works best OR we could just give you our proven
sign up templates. The more opt-ins you get, the more money you make. We’ll give you ALL
our templates. Value $497


Ninth: Want to get people to show up on your webinars? Send them an SMS (Text message).
You could pay $97 a month for this service but we’ll give it to you as a bonus. Value


Tenth: Most people don’t realize the cost of bandwidth of streaming all of your webinars.
If you had an account that tracked your usage you could expect fees of $300 a month. We
will host your videos and play them for free. This is a $3600 value.


Finally, we will professionally encode your webinars and upload it to our servers in
multiple formats so your webinar plays FLAWLESSLY on different platforms. This is a $299

“Stealth Seminar is just as important to our business as our CRM. It has allowed us to create a
predictable revenue stream along with being stable and reliable software.

This software is directly responsible for bringing in multiple 7 figures to our business. Not
sure where we would be without this technology. Thanks, Geoff and his team for making this
software so amazing.”


Jesse Eker
Managing Director
Harv Eker International


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Here are some of our more popular questions we get.

Do I have to pay for software updates?
No. We are continually updating our software and releasing new features and new high converting pages that you get automatically within your account.
How long is my commitment to you?
StealthSeminar requires no contract or long term agreement. In fact, you can use us month to month and cancel at anytime!
Can you help me set up my events
Absolutely! We have a terrific support time standing by 7 days a week to assist. In fact most our clients just have our Support Staff set up their events for them. It’s fast, easy and free
Will my automated webinars play on iPhone ios?
Yes they will. We are the only service that plays on iPhone ios correctly. All other services show their automated webinars as videos, with the length of video as well as a Fast Forward Button that once hit, can not be reversed to even watch the webinar if you wanted to do so.
Do you ever market to our Webinar Registrants?
NO! Absolutely not. You own your webinar registrants 100%.
Where is the URL that my webinars appear on?
We have a faux site that you webinar is streamed from that has no connection to StealthSeminar whatsoever. Or alternatively you can stream from your site. We do that so we don’t distract your webinar registrants by attempting to sell our service. Sure it would be far better for us to try to market to all the millions of webinar attendees, but frankly, it would be far worst for our clients. Your webinar registrants should be focused 100% on you, not on being sold StealthSeminar.
What webinar registration templates do you offer?
We update our webinar registration templates frequently. You can see an updated list here.
Can you run my automated webinars every hour? How about every 15 minutes?
Yes, you can run them as frequently as desired.

Here are some of the services we integrate with:

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* The approximate dollar value of sales from StealthSeminar was generated by totaling our total unique attendees on unique webinars (Over 18 million) ran until the date of September 8, 2017 and the data we have from our sales pixels (which our clients can use to track their sales for webinars). Not everyone uses our sales pixels so we built an average out of actual sales pixel data (over 47,000) and applied it to the unique attendees for an approximate value. Obviously, if they do not have the sales pixel, then we do not know the true value. It might be lower or it might be higher. However, based on the data we do have, this number is an accurate approximation.